Great Return Policy

Each product sold through CGN International and the site is guaranteed, If you are not satisfied with the product after receiving it, contact us for return of the payment price, as indicated in the guarantee return policy

Customer satisfaction is our priority; hence we have a return and refund policy with had a transparent and hassle free return policy to help the users in the community to feel happy and confident while shopping with us. gives a unique concept of “money back guarantee”, once you have received the parcel you have 7 days to intimate that you are not satisfied with the product purchased in our site.

You can access “your order” zone and check out for provisions given for giving consent for you not satisfaction relating the reasons and apply for the “money back guarantee” icon to process the same will take 7 – 14 working days to precede the “money back guarantee” process, and the amount would be credited to your wallet account as EP (Earned points)

Exciting news is that offers “money back guarantee” without returning your product to us, we believe our community users will have decide on the product quality genuinely sees to that all vendor / sellers are been educated on the quality products and “cash back guarantee” highlight of our site, rare cases we may allow some vendors for non refundable or no return policy for some exclusive items and vendors, it’s at the discretion of the

CGN International is responsible for the refund of amount. Eventhough products and services returned to the Vendor. reserves the rights to update and modify the changes in this policy time to time at its discretion